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Kelvin Noecker

Kelvin Noecker is a 53-year-old football tipster with 30+ years of experience. He believes the reason he is so successful now is because he has put in the time and paid his dues. He has finally reached a point in his life where his knowledge of the game and his love of the game have combined to make him an extremely effective football tips provider.

Every day Noecker studies matches. He also watch football matches religiously. He simply loves the game. That love of the game allows him to work harder and longer – and come up with better tips – than other tipsters who are just in it for the money.

Personal Info:

Country: Canada

Years: 53

Experience 30+ years

Place of Birth BridgeTown, Nova Scotia

Arthur Dias Alves

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Villads E. Mathiesen

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Roscoe Roberto

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